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Interviews & Features

PAF Interviewed on The Inspired Survivor Show
August 18, 2005 – Beth Darnley, Chief Program Officer, The Patient Advocate Foundation, was interviewed during the weekly 1 hour radio broadcast on the topic 'Paying Your Bills for Cancer Treatment: What You Need to Know.' The Inspired Survivor Show is hosted by Agi Lidle & Norma Schmidt and delivers support, education and inspiration for those living with cancer. Click on the link above to view the complete transcript.

PAF Launches Co-Pay Relief (CPR)
Washington, DC, March 24, 2005 – Serious illness can be a financial catastrophe, even for patients with health insurance. Recognizing this need, the Patient Advocate Foundation has formally launched a program called Co-Pay Relief (CPR), A Patient Assistance Program, designed to help insured patients with certain life-threatening or debilitating diseases cope with the significant out-of-pocket costs associated with their treatments.

Making Ends Meet: PAF Helps Pay the Bills
Patient Advocate Foundation and the Patient Assistance Program were featured in the December 2004 issue of OA Member News, a publication produced by Oncology Associates Physician Network Services. The article highlights both Patient Advocate Foundation and the Patient Assistance Program as part of its "Inspiration" series of stories that focus on beating the odds, perservering and overcoming cancer.

News Pro Net films PAF CEO for Two Stories
News Pro Net filmed CEO Nancy Davenport-Ennis for two stories, one regarding the practice of pill splitting and the other regarding financial resources for prescription drugs. The second story profiled the Patient Advocate Foundation Patient Assistance Program. News Pro Net used this particular segment for promotional purposes at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Phoenix, AZ on September 9, 2004.

Surviving Breast Cancer is Celebrated
Nancy Davenport-Ennis spoke on reclaiming her life at the Beyond Breast Cancer Celebration held in September 2001. (Posted with permission of the Wilkes Journal-Patriot)

ACCC Achievement Award Presented to Founding Executive Director
Nancy Davenport-Ennis was awarded ACCC's Annual Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cancer Care at the 27th annual National Meeting in Washington, DC. [March 2001]

Profile of a Three-Time Cancer Survivor
Middle Tennessee State University graduate Cynthia Maule-Trail, mother of seven, knows what it means to perservere in the face of adversity. [June 2001]

Pending Changes in Medicare: What Lies Ahead for the Cancer Care Community?
Managed Care & Cancer conducted a roundtable discussion featuring Nancy Davenport-Ennis as one of the participants concerning pending health-care legislation and what these changes might mean to cancer patients, providers, and payers. [June 2001]

Managed Care & Cancer Interview
Mary Lou Patterson Smith spoke with Nancy Davenport-Ennis about what PAF does and its goals for the future. [November 1999]