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ACCC Annual Achievement Award Presented to Founder

Nancy Davenport-Ennis Receives ACCC's Annual Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cancer Care
Association of Community Cancer Centers
27th Annual National Meeting
March 28-31, 2001
Washington, D.C.

Nancy Davenport-Ennis receives Achievement Award from ACCCNancy Davenport-Ennis, president and founding executive director of the National Patient Advocate Foundation, was honored in a special award ceremony in Washington, D.C., at the Association of Community Cancer Centers' 27th Annual National Meeting on March 30, 2001. Ms. Davenport-Ennis received ACCC's Annual Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cancer Care.

Among those policy issues that continue to be of concern are reimbursement problems with Medicare's new Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APCs), which may threaten patient access to quality cancer care. At the same time, hospitals and oncology practices may be forced to radically alter their services in face of challenges from the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) on drug margins. Although new drugs and devices with the potential to turn cancer from a fatal to a chronic disease are on the horizon, hospital cancer programs and oncology practices are both facing some of the most significant challenges to organizational viability that cancer care providers have ever seen.

Ms. Davenport-Ennis has been involved in health care issues since 1993. She has initiated the development of a National Legal Recourse Network and a National Case Managers Network developed to serve patients referred to the organization for assistance in resolving debt crisis, job retention, and insurance matters.

Ms. Davenport-Ennis graciously accepted the award on behalf of the many dedicated individuals active in the national coalition, comprised of the Association of Community Cancer Centers, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, US Oncology, the Oncology Nursing Society, members of the Cancer Leadership Council, pharmaceutical industry representatives, and, of course, patients themselves.

"Nothing that is extremely significant in life can be accomplished in the unit of one," said Ms. Davenport-Ennis. "All of us in the health care delivery field and in the world of advocacy must join together to address the policy issues that can make a difference in access for millions of men, women, and children in this country."

Speaking directly to the many cancer care professionals in the room, Ms. Davenport-Ennis expressed her gratitude for their work in encouraging patients to write letters to their legislators. "Go back and tell them that their hard work makes a huge difference, and we are very grateful."

Ms. Davenport-Ennis' professional activities include testimony before congressional committees, The President's Cancer Panel, and multiple committees within state governments, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. She is the recipient of the Year 2000 US Oncology Medal of Honor Award and the Outstanding Young Woman of American Award.