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Patient Data Analysis

The Patient Data Analysis Report (PDAR), an annual publication produced by Patient Advocate Foundation, is a comprehensive analysis of the 88,962 patients who were provided professional services by Patient Advocate Foundation in the 2014 calendar year. The report provides a detailed overview of the difficulties that many patients encounter when accessing healthcare in America, and documents a wealth of patient data including patient demographic information, disease-specific issues, employment, insurance – specific and personal finance issues, as well as case management interactions and issue resolution.

View a copy of the PAF 2014 Patient Data Analysis Report

Legacy Edition Nancy Davenport-Ennis
Press Announcement and Highlights
Special Report Transportation Issues
2014 PDAR Full Length

View a copy of the PAF 2013 Patient Data Analysis Report

Preface and Table of Contents
Press Release
2013 PDAR Chapters 1-8
Chapter 9: Analysis by State

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