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PAF Webinars

Hosted by expert case managers, PAF’s webinars and webcast events feature topics that address common areas of confusion for patients, caregivers and providers. Webcasts are provided free of charge and available to those who

Patient Empowerment Series

This webcast series is designed to provide comprehensive educational information to help build patients’ skills when advocating in their own healthcare situations. Built to address the most frequently asked topics requested by patients to PAF’s case managers, this webcast series will deliver actionable advice to every viewer enabling a powerful skill set to avoid the most common barriers in care.

The Patient Empowerment Series will feature advice gained from PAF’s nearly 20 years of case management services, ensuring those facing life threatening, chronic or debilitating illness are equipped to implement successful healthcare strategies on their own behalf. Each session will connect viewers to helpful web-based resource tools and PAF’s comprehensive resource library.

Featured Sessions

Preparing for Open Enrollment - Changing Plans and/or Enrolling in New Insurance
The Marketplace Open Enrollment period starts on November 1, 2017 giving Americans the ability to compare, research and enroll in health insurance directly. With only a 45 day period -- it's critical for everyone to understand the decisions made during this period and their impact on the future year. This session shares tips for navigating your state's online Health Insurance Marketplace as you begin and prepare for choosing your plan during open enrollment this fall. The session also include tips for those who secure insurance through their employer, spouse or one of the federal insurance programs, like Medicare.

What PAF Services are Available to Help Patients in 2017
This webcast is perfect for all patients, caregivers, advocates and providers as it includes details on the specific help that PAF offers to patients across our patient services divisions. The session is divided into sections that discuss PAF’s Financial Programs, Case Management Support Services, and Educational Resources. A mention of our virtual support tools and online resources including National Resource Directories, Publications, and mobile apps is also be discussed. The audience is provided information on how to use and will be given a brief tour of online program specific access points.

Current Library of Patient Empowerment Series

Each session is available on-demand for instant access.  Registration is free.

Getting to Know PAF's Interactive Resources: How They Can Benefit You

Discover PAF’s collection of free interactive resources including our publication library, mobile apps, and our comprehensive Underinsured and Uninsured Resource Directories. Register Here.

Still Uninsured after Open Enrollment?

This session helps you to understand care options for those that are currently uninsured, including ways to reduce costs and improve awareness of services offered to the uninsured through healthcare facilities and programs including state and local health departments, free clinic networks, hospital emergency departments and pharmaceutical manufacturer free drug programs. Register Here

Preventive Benefits – What You Should Be Doing and What’s Next After Results?

This session helps make sense of the varying guidelines surrounding recommended preventive care, discuss what you should be doing to protect your health and what provisions are in place relative to insurance reimbursement for preventative services. This session also discusses possible hurdles that you may encounter when trying to access your preventive benefits; insurance barriers, unexpected costs and your plan’s definition of preventive vs. your provider’s definition. And finally, should your screening reveal a problem what should you do next and how do you navigate the healthcare landscape. Register Here

Genomic vs. Genetic Testing and What It means to Your Healthcare Options

Learn the differences between these terms, which options are appropriate testing in your situation, and awareness of how test results can open personalized medicine and targeted therapy options. Register Here

Clinical Trials: A Pathway to Cutting Edge Treatments

This session informs patients and caregivers of why clinical trials are important as part of today’s arsenal of emerging disease care. Discussion on common misconceptions surrounding clinical trials, benefits of participation, and how to begin searching, screening and participate a trial. Register Here

Maximizing Your Coverage & Getting the Most Out of Your Benefits

Avoid common roadblocks to care by exploring and using the benefits you are entitled to under your plan language. Register Here

Financial Barriers - Affording Medications and Prescribed Drugs

From co-pay programs to educational resources, learn more about your available options for balancing out-of-pocket medication costs. Register Here

Your Options for Accessing Second Options Explore the benefits and options of seeking coverage for second opinions and subsequent treatment. Register Here This session is sponsored by Celgene

Insurance Denials - How to Construct your Appeal Submission

Discover your next steps after you’ve been denied treatment coverage, from formatting your appeals letter to what to expect during the appeal process. Register Here

Preparing for Open Enrollment - Changing Plans and/or Enrolling in New Insurance

Review the fine details of annual open enrollment including information about employer-based and marketplace general enrollment, fees, and deadlines. Register Here

Your Plan’s Drug Formulary – The Key to Truly Understanding your Medication Benefits

This comprehensive discussion addresses the impact of drug formularies on medication access, arming patients and caregivers with critical information. Specific topics include drug tiers and out of pocket costs, how to locate your individual medications within a formulary, the process by which drugs are added to formularies and what are PBM’s and their role in pharmaceutical access. Register Here This session is sponsored by Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Understanding Workplace Benefits Related to Health offer many different types of benefits that complement your base pay.  Become familiar with typical options that exist in the workplace and federal protections designed to protect those diagnosed with a serious illness. Register Here

Accessing Disability Benefits

Case management experts explain how to access disability benefits when faced with chronic or life threatening disease and discuss how disability status impacts eligibility for other services. This session focuses primarily on social security disability benefits with a brief overview of private disability programs. Specific topics include understanding eligibility guidelines, navigating the application process, overcoming denials and understanding the disability timeline.
Register Here

Home Health and Nursing Home Benefits

This session provides an in-depth look at insurance coverage for home health services and nursing home care. The discussion specifically addresses Medicare and Medicaid benefits for healthcare services delivered in the home setting as well as coverage for nursing home care, eligibility requirements for both, coverage limitations and the intersection between the Medicare and Medicaid programs for certain patients. A variety of resources for patients and caregivers are also provided. Register Here

Understanding Medicare Basics

This basic overview of the Medicare program is perfect for those that are approaching, or those who are already, Medicare-eligible age. Session includes an overview of Medicare plan structure, decisions you need to make during first-time eligibility, how to process your initial enrollment, what to do if you miss your enrollment and what if you are still working. This session addresses the most classic Medicare-enrollee who is 65 years of age or older. Register Here

Additional Webinars by PAF

Each session is available on-demand, for instant access.

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