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Subscribe to PAF Updates

We welcome all patients, providers, medical advocates, navigators and interested persons to subscribe to our electronic news delivery.

PAF currently has various types of notices which we distribute to help inform our readership of program updates, company news, PAF fundraising events, and other PAF specific news. To view a sample of each type of notice, please click on below links.
  • PAF’s CoPay Relief Program Notices (provider alerts on new disease categories, fund closures and application deadlines, etc)
  • PAF Corporate News (organizational changes, awards, news relevant to providers, community member, and nonprofit leaders)
  • PAF’s Patient Newsletter (information relevant to patients dealing with chronic, life threatening or debilitating disease)

Enter the requested information and then click the button below labeled "Subscribe to list". After submission, you will receive a confirmation email. You must click the confirmation link in that email to complete the signup process.