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Helping Teens Cope with Serious Illnesses

Parents can help teen-agers better cope with serious illnesses. Here are a few tips from The Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD) in Norfolk, VA.

  • Keep up regular rules and disclipine as much as possible. Teens need some sense of normalcy in their lives.

  • Be truthful when you answer teens' questions about their illness. Teens can become very angry and scared if they think there are secrets about them.

  • Remember that teens need time alone and with their friends, even if they are sick. Give them some space and let them have fun.

  • Let teens help make decisions about their care. They are old enough to know what is happening to them - and to let you how they feel about it.

  • Reassure teens that while it's important to stay positive, it's also OK to be afraid and to cry. Discuss your own emotions with them to help them feel less alone.

  • Give compliments and hugs often.

How to Contact CHKD

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