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Specialized Programs

In addition to PAF’s core services, we are proud to operate these additional dedicated programs to meet the needs of specific groups of patients, caregivers and providers. These programs are supported through grants, partnerships and targeted donations.

MedCareLine Programs
MedCareLineThe MedCareLine is a division of Patient Advocate Foundation staffed with a team of nurses and case managers who provide individualized case management services to a specific group of patients, caregivers and providers.

The team can assist with understanding insurance policies and appeals, providing educational resources and researching clinical trials. These case managers can also assist with facilitating referrals to co-payment programs, finding financial assistance resources and providing guidance to the uninsured patients to learn how to access necessary care and apply for public and charity assistance as needed.

Aetna Clinical Appeals CareLine
A patient and provider hotline to help Aetna patients with insurance navigation issues as well as denials associated with off-label medication use, pre-existing health condition, non-covered benefit or benefit exclusions, experimental/investigational denials or not medically necessary, out-of-network benefits, and coding or billing errors.
(877) 401-3944

Heart Valve CareLine
MedCareLineThe Heart Valve CareLine is designed to help patients, providers and caregivers who need assistance navigating the insurance world and accessing needed healthcare when dealing with the complications of a valvular condition. In addition, CareLine staff may be able to connect heart valve patients to a one-time $1,000 grant program that helps to cover expenses associated with heart valve treatments and transportation costs getting to and from treatment.
(866) 318-7892

Hepatitis C CareLine
Through the Hepatitis C CareLine, experienced case managers serve as a direct resource for Hepatitis C patients assisting them with benefit coordination, educational and financial resources, help accessing the latest available treatment, navigation through the appeals and reimbursement processes, as well as other patient services.
(800) 532-5274

HIV, AIDS and Prevention CareLine
HIV or AIDS CareLineThrough the HIV, AIDS and Prevention CareLine, experienced case managers serve as a direct resource for patients and providers assisting with benefit coordination, educational and financial resources, help accessing the latest available treatment, navigation through the appeals and reimbursement processes, as well as other services to address healthcare challenges. This CareLine serves those who are diagnosed with HIV, AIDS or are currently being treated with an HIV prevention medication.
(800) 532-5274

Narcolepsy CareLine
narcolepsycarelineThe Narcolepsy CareLine provides personalized case management assistance to solve medical access issues for patients diagnosed with Narcolepsy.
(866) 538-7617

Primary Periodic Paralysis CareLine
Primary Periodic Paralysis CareLineProfessional case managers are available to help navigate the insurance and medical world as it relates to the diagnosis of Primary Periodic Paralysis, a rare disorder that causes episodes of muscle weakness or paralysis throughout the body. This program is designed to help providers, patients and their caregivers, prevent and eliminate barriers that may be encountered when it comes to accessing needed treatment, therapy or medications.
(877) 753-2513

Financial Aid Fund Division
This independent division of Patient Advocate Foundation provides small grants to patients who meet financial and medical criteria. Grants are provided on first-come first served basis and are distributed until funds are depleted. Qualifications and processes for each fund may differ based on fund requirements. Patients who are interested in applying for financial assistance should start by calling this division toll free at (855) 824-7941. The small grant programs under the Financial Aid Fund division are not part of PAF’s Co-Pay Relief assistance program and operate independently from other case management services.

Transportation Financial Aid Fund
Metastatic Melanoma & Metastatic Lung Cancer Patients
Supporting patients currently receiving IV-infused treatment for metastatic melanoma or metastatic lung cancer, this financial fund grants $300 per year to cover transportation-related expenses connected to treatment appointments. Each patient must meet income guidelines and provide current treatment documentation in order to finalize the application. Please note that this is a patient-based initiative with limited funding, where patients must apply on their own behalf over the phone. Bulk applications or applications from providers will not be accepted.

Partnership Programs
PAF works in conjunction with many nonprofit and corporate partners, including but not limited to, American Cancer Society, LIVESTRONG, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America to meet the needs of patients across the United States.