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Encrypted Email

Patient Advocate Foundation takes the security of your data seriously. Identity theft is very real event and we take precautions to protect this information. In an effort to protect Patient Advocate Foundation and clients from these threats, PAF has implemented an email encryption system. This system can encrypt specific emails being sent from PAF that contain personal and/or sensitive information and allow the recipient’s reply to be encrypted.

Encrypted emails will have a subject of “You have a new encrypted message from” and the body of the email will contain text that looks like the following:

“You have received an encrypted message from The sender intended for the message contents to be secured by using the Barracuda Email Encryption Service. You can retrieve the message from the Barracuda Networks Message Center.

To view your secure message, click here, or copy and paste the following URL into your browser "

  • The secure message will expire in 30 days.

  • Use the following instructions to open an encrypted email:

  • Open the initial email and click on the 'click here' link.

    On the first time through, the system will ask for a new password and then to confirm the password.

    This must be 8 characters and contain special characters.

  • PAF staff have no knowledge of your password nor can we reset it.

  • On all subsequent times, the system will ask for a username and password.Your username will always be your email address.

  • If you forget your password, click on the 'forgot your password' link. The system will send you an email.

  • Once logged in, the message will be available to view.

  • The email is encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption