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2009-2010 Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce the the recipients of our patient scholarships for the 2009-2010 academic year:

Photo of Insup Lee
The Cheryl Grimmel Award
Insup Lee
Falls Church, Virginia
Insup is attending Harvard College

Photo of Sadie Byboth
The Monica Bailes Award
Sadie Byboth
Wylie, Texas
Sadie is attending Louisiana State University

Photo of Nicholas Harper
The Jim Meade & Luke Barlowe Award
Nicholas Harper
Louisville, Kentucky
Nick is attending Ballarmine University

Photo of Dylan Feierabend
Robin L. Prachel Award
Dylan Feierabend
Ferndale, California
Dylan is attending the College of the Redwoods

Photo of Abby Schafer
The Jo Ann Davis Award
Abby Schafer
Schnecksville, Pennsylvania
Abby is attending Marywood University

Photo of Kristopher Adame
Karen L. Reeder Award
Kristopher Adame
Cool Ridge, West Virginia
Kristopher is attending the New River Community & Technical College

Photo of Tenisha Avila
PAF Scholarship for Survivor Winner
Tenisha Avila
Fresno, California
Tenisha is attending Fresno Pacific University

Photo of Hunter Durfee
PAF Scholarship for Survivor Winner
Hunter Durfee
Troy, New Hampshire
Hunter is attending Keene State College

Photo of Gregory Johnson
PAF Scholarship for Survivor Winner
Gregory Johnson
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Gregory is attending the Colorado School of Mines

Photo of Kahina Louis
PAF Scholarship for Survivor Winner
Kahina Louis
Miramar, Florida
Kahina is attending the University of Florida

Photo of Mary Stiddom
PAF Scholarship for Survivor Winner
Mary Stiddom
Trenton, Tennessee
Mary is attending Jackson State Community College

These scholarships are named in honor of PAF's sustaining Partners in Progress who offer outstanding support to patients through their national caregiver and indigent drug programs.

Congratulations to all of our recipients!!