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2013-2014 Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce the the recipients of our patient scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year:

July 2013 New Awards

Sheralyn Beck

University of Little Rock Arkansas

Course of Study: Psychology

“My goals throughout my academic career are to impact and help as many people as possible. I am going to school for Psychology so that I can be a child life specialist at our local children's hospital. I want to be able to help children when they are faced with a life altering diagnosis. Going to University of Arkansas at Little Rock can help make that happen.

The benefits of receiving this scholarship from Patient Advocate Foundation have helped me achieve my dream of returning to UALR. When I was diagnosed in the middle of a semester in 2011, I was forced to drop out of classes which disqualified me for my scholarships. I was always afraid I would not be able to get any scholarships to help me go back. With the help of Patient Advocate Foundation I am now living my dream!

My academic course of study is a major is Psychology and a double minor in Writing and Human Services. I should graduate in the fall of 2014.”

Jasmina Beslagic

DeSales University

Course of Study: Nursing

“I have many significant goals throughout my academic career. My short-term goal includes learning how to process critical information to the best of my ability in order to elevate on highest academic standing. I thrive to get the best grades as I proceed to receive my college degree. I would like to continue to be of service to human beings in need of assistance no matter what else I may be doing. I am going to be joining organizations that are a beautiful reflection of love and support to others in need of a helping hand.

My long-term goal is to attend graduate school, receive a Masters in Science of Nursing degree and travel to third-world countries where people have absolutely nothing regarding food, shelter, and most importantly healthcare! I am here appreciating every single second of this opportunity I have in the United States. I am going to display that anything is possible when you never ever give up on yourself no matter what the outside world may be telling you is impossible. I am going to make everyone see that they have an opportunity to become anything they desire to be in the world. My family never believed they were worth receiving everything I have, since they lost themselves after the war in our country.

There are significant benefits to receiving the Patient Advocate Foundation Scholarship! I am beyond grateful to know the Patient Advocate Foundation is available for human beings who are thriving to elevate in higher education. I feel honored to have the opportunity to be able to afford going to college since my family still lives in poverty. I am the first member of my family who has the chance to go to college in the United States. I am pleased to say I am not alone while elevating on this path because the Patient Advocate Foundation is right by my side supporting me as if I am a part of a miraculous family. Thank you for all you have done to assist me on this journey to higher education.”

Yosef Glaser

Bais Hamedrash & Mesivta of Baltimore

Course of Study: Religious Studies

“I would like to express my appreciation for the very kind and generous gift you have extended to me. I am very grateful that you have chosen me as the recipient of your Scholarship for Survivors.

I am planning to learn in a college in Baltimore, studying to become a rabbi or teacher of religious studies. Your grant will be a tremendous help towards relieving my financial burden, and it will enable me to focus and apply myself completely to my studies.

Thank you again for your generosity and thoughtfulness. You can be assured that I will use all of my capabilities to excel and eventually give back to others, ensuring the best use of the scholarship.”

Katrina Polivak

The University of Texas School of Public Health

Course of Study:  Public Health

“My goal is to go from walking the halls of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center as a patient to running my own oncology study there as a public health researcher, focusing on cancer prevention and early intervention. M.D. Anderson, where I received treatment for stage three colon cancer, and The University of Texas School of Public Health, where I will be receiving my Masters degree, are both located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. I believe this is the ultimate locale for returning my cancer-fighting career dreams into a reality.

This scholarship has provided me tremendous financial assistance, and for that I can never be grateful enough. Pursuing my academic and career goals meant uprooting my life and moving to Houston, Texas to accept a Masters program in my dream field of public health. With moving cities comes a huge financial burden that is only compounded once tuition and books are factored in. Receiving this scholarship allows me to worry less about the financial constraints of being a student and focus more on pursuing my academic goal of ultimately helping others afflicted with cancer.

Major and Graduation: Masters in Public Health, specializing in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences. I will be graduating in May 2015.”

Richard Suarez

Rowan University

Course of Study: Biology (Pre-Med)

“It is my goal to receive a 4.0 both semesters and at the very least keep my GPA above 3.7.
I am also striving to receive acceptance into an internship for next summer along with participation in shadowing with Penn and CHOP doctors this winter. Lastly, I am still hoping to play baseball for Rowan   University; even though I am still in treatment and recently underwent a bi-lateral hip replacement.

The funding PAF is providing is greatly appreciated and is a huge help with books and tuition this year.  I expect to complete my studies and walk for graduation in May of 2016.”

Coreyonna Welch

University of West Georgia

Course of Study: Nursing

“My goals throughout my academic career are basically to maintain A’s and stay focused.

One of the many benefits of receiving a scholarship from the Patient Advocate Foundation is that I am attending the college of my choice. I am honored because people do care about cancer survivors and those that have battled cancer. In the beginning, I didn’t know where the money was going to come from and now I am grateful to be one of the many recipients of the scholarship.

My course of study is nursing.  I want to help others just like the nurses who helped me.”

2013 Returning Recipients

Nathan Hertz

University of Texas at San Antonio

Course of Study:  Pre-Radiation Therapy

(Third Year Scholarship Award Recipient)

“My ultimate goal is to get into the Radiation Therapy program here at Texas State.  My other goal is to continue being involved on campus and with the different cancer organizations I participate in throughout the local community.  I have become an officer of CAMCOSO (the on campus cancer organization) Mentoring San Marcos, American Cancer Society, and LIVESTRONG.  My other goal is to continue working hard in my classes and maintain at least a 3.5 GPA.

I cannot be more thankful for being a recipient of the PAF Scholarship for Survivors scholarship.  The award has allowed me to spend more time reaching both my academic and social goals and become more involved with the cancer community.  I still work a job, but I have been able to work less hours thanks to PAF.  I am blessed to have such a great Foundation supporting me in my academic pathway.

When I first received the scholarship, my goal academically was to get a business degree of some sort and use it to get a job in the cancer community.  After doing my research and talking to several people, a degree in business wouldn't allow me to work with cancer patients and survivors personally as much as I would like.

In the fall of 2012, I was introduced to the Radiation Therapy program here at Texas State University and realized it would give me the best chance to make a difference in a cancer patient’s life.  I have since changed my course of study to Pre-Radiation Therapy, which will allow me to get all my basic medical studies completed so I can then apply for the Radiation Therapy program.  I now feel that I am on the right path academically to be able to achieve my dream to somehow make a difference in the cancer community.  I plan to apply for the program January 2015.  The program is two years long. If I am accepted the first year I apply, I will graduate May 2017.

Thanks again for the opportunity you have given me!”

Hanna Hughes

University of Minnesota, Duluth

Course of Study:  Psychology

(Second Year Scholarship Award Recipient)

“My academic goal is to complete my studies with a degree in psychology.  I then plan to attend graduate school so that I may become a psychologist.  The Patient Advocate Foundation scholarship has afforded me the opportunity to attend the college of my choice and the school that was the best fit for me.”

Marquis Martin

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Course of Study: Mechanical Engineering

(Second Year Scholarship Award Recipient)

“I would like to thank PAF for selecting me to receive the PAF Scholarship. My family and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I have put a great deal of time and effort into striving for academic excellence.

Receiving such an award indicates that my scholarly dedication is paying off and that you have high hopes in my potential for becoming a successful college student. This scholarship will be a great support in paying for my tuition and other supplies.”

Jacob Silberg

Harvard College

Course of Study:  Social Studies

(Second Year Scholarship Award Recipient)

“I am a junior at Harvard College studying Social Studies, which is an interdisciplinary mix of Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy. For me, the economics component is the most interesting. I enjoy learning about how government policy influences when people go shopping and how they choose to get paid. After I graduate in 2015, I plan to go to graduate school, so that I can shape public policy to help more people.

College is pretty expensive and studying economics is especially so…professors who study money like to charge a lot for their textbooks. Thanks to the PAF Scholarship, I've been able to afford the many books for my coursework. My mom actually worked for a while as a patient advocate to help me pay for school, so I really appreciate PAF's help so that she can be less stressed about making sure I can afford my meal plan. I complete my volunteer requirement every year by teaching a civics class in a poor neighborhood in Boston. I really enjoy teaching fifth graders about the Constitution, and how to get involved in the political process.”

Kimberly Santo

University of Florida

Course of Study:  Psychology (Pre-Med)

(Second Year Scholarship Award Recipient)

“My goals this year are to continue on the pre-med track, become a more active part of the Gator community (by starting my own research project focusing on cancer research) and rushing a multicultural sorority.

Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to attend school over the summer and get caught up with all of my classes, thus allowing me to complete all that I wish to complete within a four year time span.”

Joshua Weinstein

University of California Berkeley

Course of Study: Molecular and Cell Biology & Fine Arts

(Second Year Scholarship Award Recipient)

“In my sophomore year at Berkeley, my goal is to focus on volunteering in the community and developing and marketing myself as an artist. I am going to be the leader of a club called JMed, this is an organization for Jewish students interested in a health profession. My goal is to turn that smaller club into a larger gathering of students with more events, speakers, and resources. Also, I have a goal to become an honored hero with the San Francisco Leukemia Lymphoma Society chapter. I want to give fundraising speeches at Light the Night walks and share my cancer journey with other survivors and loved ones taking care of cancer patients.

My other goal is to be accepted into a biology research lab at Berkeley. I am very interested in cancer research, specifically a lab that develops drugs for advanced prostate cancer.

The benefits of receiving the Patient Advocate Foundation scholarship is that it goes towards paying my tuition and fees which allows me to feel more at ease while in class and studying. This way I can spend more time on my academic career and pursuing my dreams.

My life's dream is to be a pediatric neurosurgeon.”