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PAF Partners with National Prostate Cancer Groups to Conduct Survey of Patient Preferences, Values, and Experiences. Report Now Available.

May 31, 2018 - Inspired by the emerging trends of precision medicine, person-centered care, value frameworks, and alternative payment models, Patient Advocate Foundation developed its Patient Value Survey as a market research tool designed to provide insights into what patient’s self-reported experiences are regarding costs, benefits, and side effects as well as key decision making processes.

The Patient Value Survey examines the following thematic areas from a broad patient perspective:

  • Provider Communication Experience
  • Disease Treatment
  • Financial Implications
  • Impact of Care
  • Benefits & Side Effects
  • Healthcare Decision Making
  • Personalized Care

Expanding the work of Patient Advocate Foundation’s Patient Value Survey research tool, PAF has collaborated with 4 prostate cancer nonprofit organizations to refine, enhance and relaunch the research tool customizing specific to prostate cancer. The updated survey tool included several questions from the original value series and new questions around goals associated with cancer treatment, cancer education, impact of side effects on Quality of Life, and several opened ended questions around treatment impact measures and side effect impact measures. The updated survey captured the experiences and challenges patients encounter to assist non-profit organizations in expressing those concepts to decision-makers and the medical community. By expanding the dissemination of the survey and increasing the number of organizations contributing to its design, the groups partnered to more fully understand and represent the patient’s experience with prostate cancer and its related care, costs, and issues.

PAF and its partners are pleased to share the resulting materials from this initiative.

Prostate Cancer Partnership Project
Patient Preferences and Experience Survey Final Report & Results

Infographic – Creating Patient Value Through Conversations