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Impact of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act will have an immediate impact on more than 1.2 million Americans. The White House conducted a conference call announcing extended health care coverage for young adults under this new Act.

A brief summary of the conference's highlights include:

  • Young adults have less access to employer health coverage than any other age group.

  • People in their 20's are twice as likely to be uninsured than any other age group.

  • Under the Affordable Care Act parents can now keep their young adult children on their insurance plans through age 26 beginning on 9/23/10.

  • The big announcement on Monday's call was that 65 major insurance companies are offering this extended coverage effective immediately to avoid another round of young graduates facing disenrollment.

  • This Act does not provide a retroactive benefit and therefore does not require insurers to cover young adults under age 26 who had been previously dis-enrolled from a parent's policy.

This Act does not address extended Medicaid benefits for foster children and therefore those benefits will still term according to the state's eligibility requirements.

View the White House public statement