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One case manager makes a life changing difference to a patient.

The Power of One
One case manager makes a difference, one patient at a time.
Patient Advocate Foundation is in the field of helping people who are experiencing perhaps the most vulnerable period of their life.

Today, I’d like to share with you the story of how one case manager impacted the life of a patient who recently came to PAF for help.

After visiting with her oncologist and planning for a treatment regiment, Judy was told that she would be responsible for an upfront payment of $4,990 representing her responsibility after her insurance paid.
Judy recounts the day she heard this news, telling us

 “I left the office in tears, devastated. I told my husband, "I will have to take the 60% chance [of survival] I have now and go without Chemo/Radiation.” 

Living on a limited income, Judy and her husband were scared and feeling hopeless when she was connected with PAF. A case manager was able to connect Judy with financial assistance programs and charity allowing her grants to raise money to afford the out of pocket costs she owed and begin treatment as her doctor recommended.

 “I applied for every one I could. I was elated and there was such a burden lifted off our shoulders. I can't thank you people enough. I owe my life to you.

This is the first time in my life (I am 58) I have had to swallow my pride and ask for help. Now I am on the road to recovery and it's only because of PAF.

You have literally saved my life.”

One patient at a time, our team of professional case managers work to resolve the healthcare barriers that are hindering patients from focusing on their medical treatment and recovery.

We thank you for your continued dedication to our mission and support of the work that we do.

Alan Balch, PhD