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How PAF Assists Patients with Medical Debt Crisis

When a patient or family/friend contacts PAF for medical debt crisis issues, a case manager must determine the type and scope of the patient's medical debt. In cases where the medical debt is incurred at a hospital, the patient or family/friend is advised on how to apply for charity care through the facility's billing office. The patient will be required to complete an application and provide financial information in order to be approved for financial assistance. Most hospitals have a board that determines if the patient is eligible, and this process can take up to 30 days. During this period the patient can ask for the account to be placed on hold. Some hospitals are non-profit and more than willing to work with the patients. If the hospital is not willing to offer some type of discount, then the patient must make payment arrangements.

If the patient has a diagnosis that qualifies for co-pay assistance, the patient may be referred to PAF's Co-Pay Relief Program to determine program eligibility.