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Debt Crisis Intervention

Cancer patients and their families often find themselves in economic crisis. Loss of income, cost of therapy and the general upset within the family can take its toll. Companies listed below with an asterisk next to their name can convert a life insurance policy into cash.

In addition to direct appeals to organizations providing assistance with fundraising, the media can be of help in focusing attention on particular cases, often leading to offers of assistance from a wide variety of sources.
CompanyWebsitePhone No.
*Lifestyle Resources CorporationN/A(800) 835-2006
*Individual Benefits 800-3264
*The Ardangroup Ltd. 699-3522
*Life Benefactors 285-5152
*Fiedler FinancialN/A(800) 905-0114
*United Viatical SettlementsN/A(888) 211-5027
*Cash for LifeN/A(888) 831-2274
*Hollywood Viatical PartnersN/A(800) 635-0560
*Viaticus 390-1390
*Benefit Advocates 435-8891
*Coventry First 836-8300
*Page & Associates, Inc. 572-4346
*The Medical Escrow Society 422-1314
National Foundation for TransplantsN/A(800) 489-3863
The Transplant FoundationN/A(804) 285-5115
Leukemia SocietyN/A(212) 573-8484

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