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Other Resources

The following organizations do charge a fee for service for patients.

Phone: (888) 227-3334
San Rafael, CA
This organization will conduct a quality review of your cancer treatment in conjunction with oncologists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

American Medical Consumers
Phone: (800) 836-5262
La Crescenta, CA
Counsels subscribers about picking doctors and specialists and choosing appropriate treatment.

Health Decisions
Phone: (303) 278-1700
(303) 278-1700
Golden, CO
Offers advice on surgery, prenatal care, disease management and changing unhealthy habits.

Approaches to Use with Media
  • Develop a fact sheet about your case that tells your story:
    • Each item should be one line in length
    • It must be double spaced
    • Start off with the worst part of your story, i.e. denial of insurance, accelerated disease without treatment
    • Describe the next points of your story from the most important to the least important.
  • Tell what you as a family are doing to solve the situation
  • Include and copies of letters you have written to request such help for this situation
  • Include any written response you have received from insurance companies, hospitals, etc.
  • Tell what you are asking the public for:
    • Support, money, letters written to leaders, such as elected officials. Provide names and addresses if you want letters written to the following: your state member of House of Representatives, your state Senator, your state Insurance Commissioner, your Governor, your company President
  • What to do with the Fact Sheet:
    • Call reporters or newspapers in your area
    • Arrange for a meting with the media representative
    • Provide fact sheets with a photo and the documentation described previously
    • Deliver your package of information
  • Give fact sheet to every Media Representative that you come in contact with. Keep it simple, to the point, factual. Reporters operate on extremely tight timelines, so you must get their attention and educate them in 3 to 5 minutes!

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