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NCI News & Information

National Cancer Institute LogoInformation provided by The National Cancer Institute and its services.

NCI Provdes News Advocates Can Use
The NCI Cancer Advocates E-News newsletter is produced every other week that compiles information from various sources within the Dept. of Health and Human Services that is related to cancer.

Cancer Incidence and Death Rates on the Decline: Survival Rates Show Significant Improvement
The nation's leading cancer organizations report that Americans' risk of getting and dying from cancer continues to decline and survival rates for many cancers continue to improve. [NCI News Center, 6/3/2004]

NCI & FDA Announce Two New Initiatives as Part of Strategic Partnership
The NCI and the FDA announced two new collaborative initiatives to facilitate the development and use of better cancer treatments.
[NCI News Center, 11/12/2003]

New Treatment Significantly Improves Long-term Outlook for Breast Cancer Survivors
An international clinical trial concludes women should consider taking a new drug after a long-term regimen to continue to reduce the risk of recurrence of early stage breast cancer. [10/9/2003]

NCI to Conduct Palliative Care Focus Groups
NCI is looking for individuals who are interested in participating in focus groups to improve their palliative care related educational products. [8/29/2003]

"Dose Dense" Chemotherapy Improves Survival in Breast Cancer Patients Compared to Conventional Chemotherapy
A new clinical trial has shown that reducing the interval between successive doses of a commonly used chemotherapy regimen improves survival in women whose breast cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. [NCI News Center, 12/122002]

Protein Patterns May Identify Ovarian Cancer
Scientists from the FDA and NCI report that protein patterns found in patients' blood serum may reflect the presence of disease. [NCI Press Office, 2/7/2002]

NCI Announces Appointment of New Member to Director's Consumer Liaison Group
Marisa Weiss is appointed to fulfill the remainder of a recently resigned position. [NCI Press Office, 2/19/02]

Andrew C. von Eschenbach, M.D. Sworn In As NCI's Director on 1/22/2002
Text of his oral remarks now available [2/4/2002]

NCI Statement on Mammography Screening
NCI states its recommendations in light of a recent scientific report addressing the value of screening mammagrams. [NCI Press Office, 1/31/2002]

Support Groups May Boost Quality of Life, Not Survival
The results of a new study challenge the conventional wisdom that participation in a support group can extend the lives of breast cancer patients.

NCI Launches Redesigned, One-Stop Cancer Resource Web Site (Spanish version)
NCI announced that it launched its dramatically improved, easy-to-navigate website as a one-stop resource for information. [NCI Press Office, 1/22/2002]

New Cancer Clinical Trial Education Series:
Helping People Learn More About Clinical Trials
[NCI News Center, 1/15/2002]

NCI Announces New Chair of Director's Consumer Liaison Group
Barbara LeStage is named the new chairperson of this consumer advocate group [Office of Communications, 12/21/2001]

Doctors, Patients Face Different Barriers to Clinical Trials
A series of focus groups and two surveys suggest the vast majority of cancer patients are unaware of clinical trials and physicians aren't enrolling patients because they don't have the resources to do so. [CancerTrials, 4/11/2001]

Reducing Depression Does Not Reduce Fatigue
A new large randomized trial has disproved the theory that relieving depression might also reduce fatigue. [CancerTrials, 5/14/2001]

Gleevec Shows Promise for Type of Gastrointestinal Tumor
Two reports presented at the 2001 annual meeting of ASCO show that the drug appears to work in a rare type of cancer. [CancerTrials, 5/14/2001]

Defining Cancer, Gene by Gene
An interview with Robert Strausberg, Ph.D. discussing the success of NCI's Cancer Genome Anatomy Project. [NCI News Center, 4/30/2001]

Genes Recently Identified [NCI News Center, 4/30/2001]

How to Find Reliable Health Information
Questions and answers about finding reliable health information on the internet. [Cancer Information Service]

Healthy Diets are Associated with Lower Risks of Overall Mortality
Researchers from NCI and the Queens College of the City University of New York found that women who eat more "healthy" foods tend to live longer than women who eat less optimal diets.

Don't Write Off High-Dose Chemotherapy with Bone Marrow Transplant for Breast Cancer
High-dose chemotherapy with bone marrow transplant may still prove to be a viable option for some breast cancer patients and needs to be tested in ongoing clinical trials.

Clinical Trials and Insurance Coverage - A Resource Guide
A guide to information about insurance coverage of the patient care costs associated with clinical trials.