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Tips for Managing Anemia and Fatigue
There are several ways to help combat your anemia and fatigue.

Talk to Your Doctor
Talk to your doctor about possible treatment options if you think you may be anemic. Your doctor may prescribe medication for chemotherapy-related anemia that stimulates red blood cell production. More red blood cells can mean more strength.

Track Your Energy Levels
Keep track of your energy level each day with the Learn About Energy Levels tool. It will help you assess your tiredness and recognize changes in your activity level. Print out your results and discuss them with your doctor.

Get Plenty of Rest
When you need rest, lie down more often, but only for short periods of time. Your heart rate slows down more quickly at the start of a rest period and more slowly as you continue to rest. Thus, several short rests give your heart more frequent opportunities to beat more slowly. This helps you conserve your energy.

Eat Well and Drink Plenty of Fluids
Although many people lose interest in food during chemotherapy treatment, it is important to keep up your calorie intake. Food gives you the energy you need to heal.

Anemia and Iron
Anemia resulting from an iron deficiency can be treated with iron supplements. However, anemia resulting from chemotherapy is not easily treated with dietary iron.

Get More Information
There are many products used in treating anemia. For more information on some of those products, call toll-free 1-800-553-3851.

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